Homemade Cell Phone Signal Boosters and Repeaters

Disclaimer: We suggest seeking the advice of a professional before attempting to make your own homemade cell phone signal booster.

If you have been looking for a solution to a weak cell phone signal within your home but don't want to fork out the money for an expensive cell phone signal booster then you should try making a homemade cellular phone signal booster. Home made cell phone repeaters are becoming quite popular as an alternative to the $100-$300 that you can end up shelling out for a retail cell booster from a company such as Wi-Ex zBoost.

If you are considering attempting to make your own cell booster we highly recommend that you first consult a professional within the industry because we cannot assure you that it is 100% fool proof and safe to retransmit a cellular signal throughout your home or office.

Once you have consulted with a professional on this issue you can go ahead an begin building your own wireless mobile cell phone antenna booster. The idea behind it is to use something that has the capability of grabbing the cell signal that you currently get (although weak) and amplify it with a range extender.

There are several different types of homemade cell phone signal repeaters that can be made quite easily. One of these is a simple coffee can model where you take one standard medal coffee can and one tin can and solder them together. After doing this you get some small antenna parts including a copper wire and attach them to the cans. Finally you can a pigtail connector that connects to the antenna parts on one end and plugs into your cell phone on the other end. This is a relatively easy model to make but the down side would be that you have to have the huge coffee can antenna plugged into your cell phone in order to be any boosting/repeating power.

Another type of homemade cell phone signal booster is one where you simply stick a large piece of a coat hanger into the hole where your antenna belongs. Usually this only requires pulling the cover off of your external antenna and inserting part of a coat hanger. This option will not work if you have a completely internal antenna. With this option we highly recommend that you consider all other avenues and options before doing it. This is because it could cause harmful cellular signals near your ear or could cause some type of damage to your phone and could even possibly void your cell phone warranty. We do not know whether these negative consequences are possible or not but they certainly come to mind when modifying any electronic device.

Besides getting a homemade cell phone amplifier you can always just get some sort of branded product. Options for this include either small external antennas that hook directly into compatible phones or a wireless antenna system that you setup in your home to sort of create their own small expanded cellular network.

If you are looking for a cell phone amplifier, repeater, booster, or antenna booster we highly recommend that you go with a commercial product because it will be safer and should work better. If however you don't want or have the money you can always try a homemade version. The only catch is that it might not work all the well or it might cause damage to your cell phone.

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